DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Sand Filter

As part of my greywater 2.0 update, I wanted to add some minimal level of filtration of the water being captured from my sump pit in an effort to lessen the amount of fine clay sediment that ends up in the catchment barrels and subsequently in the rest of the pressure system as well as the toilet tanks. Since commercially available filters this large are prohibitively priced, I tried a variation of several designs I found with a google search. Continue reading

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Greywater System 2.0

Shortly after moving into my current home in 2008, I decided to utilize some of the newly acquired basement space to build out a greywater system for flushing toilets. Because I wasn’t sure how cost effective it would be considering the power the electric pumps would consume, upkeep, etc., I approached the project as cheaply as possible. Fast-forward about 4 years when the pressure switch failed at a time when I was consumed with other projects, and I ended up running without the system for the months of May – July 2013. At this point I quickly realized the savings on my municipal water bill was well worth the effort. So as the steel barrels began to spring leaks and rust through, I decided to go “whole hog” and fix the shortcomings discovered after living with the first iteration for five years. Continue reading

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Middle Age Crisis for Sale, No Reasonable Offer Refused…

Up for sale is a one of a kind 2000 Yamaha YZF-R6 sportbike. Numerous nagging little injuries associated with the affliction commonly known as “getting old” have made it impossible for me to derive extended periods of enjoyment from her, so I would like to make room in my garage for something more comfortable. Here are some pictures and more in-depth information. If you’re coming from Craigslist, please do not bother contacting me until you’re read this entire post and looked at all the pictures. There will be a quiz. Continue reading

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HF 93212 Mini Lathe Speed Controller Fix

About this time last year I purchased a Harbor Freight mini lathe that I documented here. Having the need to cut some circles out of copper lately, I once again became frustrated with the DC speed controller’s unwillingness to reset after it’s overload protection circuitry has been engaged.

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