52mm Throttle Body Install

I had $200 burning a hole in my pocket last fall so I figured this would be a simple bolt-on that will give a small gain in HP until I have enough to build the valvetrain out and rebuild the reciprocating assembly.


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Adding Bluetooth Audio to a 20 Year Old Delco Bose Stereo

One of the first orders of business when getting the ‘Vette rehabilitated from it’s years of neglect was to secure some tuneage. While the factory Delco-Bose Gold sound system may be a little tired, all things considered it’s still a decent sounding piece if you can get past the 20 year old technology (think: cassette deck). Though some would find this car too new to be considered a “classic”, every time I look down at the metal bias button labeled CrO2 it takes me back to the days when mullets and mix tapes were required “accessories” for cruising town. Unfortunately after popping in my pristine cd of Phil Collins Face Value I was disgusted when the head unit spit it back out like a piece of rotten meat. Fortunately a quick cleaning of the laser pickup solved that, and finally In the Air Tonight was playing in all it’s 1981 glory. Now it’s time to bring this factory radio into the 21st century. Continue reading

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Hurst Billet Plus Shifter for ZF6 Equipped C4

This week I got to do some actual hot rodding on my ’95 Corvette. Back in the late 80’s when I was an undersexed, pimple-faced high schooler, an absolute revelation was delivered upon me in the pages of Hot Rod magazine. This magnificent beast was eventually sold to the general public as the 1989 ZR-1 Corvette. Secondary to its breathtaking Lotus designed 32 valve, dual overhead cam re-invention of the legendary smallblock 350 was a dual overdrive six speed manual transmission built by Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen of west Germany. This particularly exotic piece of gearhead porn wasn’t necessarily accessible to those of limited means such as myself, but GM in it’s infinite wisdom also put this killer gearbox in many of it’s LT-1 equipped Vettes. 20 years later I happened to own one secondhand. Continue reading

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How to Port Your Number from Magic Jack to Google Voice

And take years off your life expectancy…

Back in 2011 when my wife lost her job I began looking in every crack and crevice for ways to save every penny possible. Having explained my predicament to a few co-workers, one suggested I try out Google Voice as a replacement for my landline service, and I did. For the most part the service was acceptable, getting better over time. And did I mention the price? Not counting the $20 fee to port a number in, it’s free as in beer! But quite unfortunately in the fall of 2013 Google announced they would be ending XMPP support the following spring. This means the OBi 100 analog telephone adapter that connects the copper in my house to the cloud would cease to function. :-( Continue reading

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