Installing Oracle javaws Alongside OpenJRE / OpenJDK

I was recently tasked with configuring a Dell Equallogic SAN (PS6100) for the datacenter I manage. This is a device that utilizes a java web application for management. Unfortunately it’s one that refuses to function under the OpenJRE / IcedTea webstart. Being a linux purist, it would be sacrilege for me to manage this piece inside a virtual running windows so I had to figure out how to run the JNLP without having to enable java in Firefox, or run the Oracle JRE / JDK as my default interpreter / compiler on Ubuntu. Continue reading

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Who Needs Fuses?

One recurring item on the Vette to-do list has been the headlight motors. Last spring I discovered how the delrin bushings in the drive mechanism tend to turn to dust over time, and replaced them with some chunks of 3/8″ rubber fuel line. They worked wonderfully until somewhere around the end of daylight savings when I drove the beast to work and needed the lights on the way home. Ugh! Continue reading

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Fix that Damned Oil Leak!

When I first backed the green monster into my garage to cool off back in March of 2015 my heart sank when I noticed a huge puddle of oil rather quickly appear out of nowhere from the front of the engine. A few hours of wrenching later I’d discovered the cause. When the water pump bearing starts to wear out on these gen 2 LT-1s it sometimes destroys the drive shaft seal in the front of the timing cover. Continue reading

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Cooling System Flush and Fix

Last spring when I started getting the ‘Vette in proper running order, it became quickly apparent there were some cooling system issues. Most notably the heater core was leaking as evidenced by the strong smell of antifreeze in the interior. I’ll never forget the previous owner’s frantic affirmation of his used-car-salesmanship when I mentioned this after the test drive – “the heat works!” No shit sherlock. Anyway, I felt it was safe to assume this was leaking due to the coolant being negligently left in service far too long, becoming acidic and causing corrosion. I was looking forward to logging some drive time in the new toy so I decided replacing the heater core (and yanking the dash out) was a job that could wait until the boredom of winter set in. So I bypassed it and moved on to flushing the ridiculously nasty DexCool out of the green beast.

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